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The message that Pink Fizz brings to girls of all ages, young and old, is that it’s awesome to be a girl. We want everyone that wears Pink Fizz to feel emboldened by her femininity and embrace everything that comes with that.  


Today, the word "Pink" is not just a cute color for a baby girl’s nursery, but it is a word that is synonymous with courage, survival, and strength. This is what Pink Fizz is all about. Each of our Pink Fizz girls has special talents, skills, hobbies and personality traits that make her uniquely female. Our girls have substance! They are not just about looking cute and shopping, they are into what is going on in the world and what is trendy.


The Fizz is the effervescence that our girls give out. They exude enthusiasm, excitement, and liveliness. They are proud of who they are and what they do, and they are not afraid to show it. So, be yourself, have pride in what you do, love life, and you will be filled with Pink Fizz


Pink Fizz Message

The story of Pink Fizz takes place inside a boutique store of a mega-mall world, where all the magic unfolds. Pink Fizz is about four beautiful mannequins that come to life after the mall closes when the coast is clear. Once night falls, the entire mall comes to “life” on its own – where bright colors and loud music rule, and where dreams become reality. The mall has massive extensions on both sides where there is a fully lit amusement park and a sparkling hotel on the other side – basically a nocturnal paradise. The Pink Fizz mannequins are Sammy Fizz (the athletic dancer), Lulu L’Amour (the social fashionista), Kiera Rox (the rockstar), and Rhonda B (the film critic & blogger). When the store door flings open, these girls take over the town with sass and style. You can catch Rhonda sharing her video editing tips with her subscribers via facetime at the café that is 3 stores down – they’ve got the best green-tea latte and Wi-Fi! Meanwhile, Kiera is probably jamming with her bandmates (aka emo mannequins from Cold Topic) in front of the music store Castle Records during their open mic night. Sammy and her dance crew members like to hang out with the jock mannequins from Sports Majority, usually over coconut water and kale salad (seriously). Last but not least, although you may have a hard time locating Lulu, she’s most likely hitting up the Blingingdales department store on a shopping spree. Sometimes all 4 girls enjoy relaxing by the outdoor pool of the mall’s hotel together to get some sun in or get wild and go on every single roller coaster ride at the amusement park after stuffing themselves with corndogs – at least twice each. The adventures of the Pink Fizz girls are non-stop, and there’s a whole new world to explore for all of us.

About Pink Fizz

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