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The Rockstar Mannequin

Kiera was the hit mannequin for every major music store, either posing with a killer electric guitar or holding the latest microphone on stage. Kiera Rox is the rock star to end all rock stars! She has more talent in one finger than most people have in their whole bodies. Kiera was born to perform.  When she gets on the stage, she rocks the place like no other!


Kiera's number one passion is performing on YouTube. Her favorite thing to do is making collabs with friends on cover songs. That really gets you noticed and puts your name out there if you do it well. Her dream is to become so popular that a music label will sign her! 




Production Date 

May 11th









Trendy Rock


Eye Color



Hair Color

Purple with pink highlights


Favorite Color

Purple Pizazz


Favorite Food

“Beef Jerky!”


Favorite Activity

“Jam session with my besties!”


Biggest Pet Peeve

“When people play air guitar next to me!”

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