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The Dancer Mannequin

Sammy has traveled through all the major yoga and ballet studios as a "fit" mannequin. You won't find anyone who can move like Sammy can, no matter what kind of dance it is - she is the best. Dancing is Sammy's passion. She loves doing it, watching it and talking about it. Her dream is start her own dance crew one day and travel the world much like the Jabbawockeez.


Sammy is extremely outgoing, cheerful, friendly and always the center of attention.  When you are down, Sammy can brighten up your day with her perky mood.




Production Date

Aug. 1st






Outgoing & friendly



Urban Chic


Eye Color



Hair Color

Hot Pink


Favorite Color

“A splash of hot pink looks good on ANYTHING!”


Favorite Food

“There’s nothing like a good burger & fries!”


Favorite Activity

“Any athletics, but nothing beats dancing!”


Biggest Pet Peeve

“When customers pose next to me and take selfies!”

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